Into the blogosphere

17 03 2011

Indian flag

Humans are hunters and gatherers – we have been from the time of the first man, drifting out into the wilderness in search of vital nutrients. Modern man still exhibits this intuitive hunting and gathering behavior in all aspects of life. When first creating this blog, I too felt compelled by ancestral thinking to hunt and gather other blogs and websites to inspire and inform my own writing.

As I waded through the blogosphere seeking my prey, I had difficulty finding content that was relatable to my own goals. India is one of the technology capitals of the world and this position is greatly reflected in the blogs produced by its countrymen. Though these blogs were flashy and filled with facts that would awe the geeksquad, I found little excitement within their macromedia presentations and continued my hunt elsewhere.

What I eventually gathered may not be visually stimulating or complicated in design, but the content relates to my area of interest and has provided me with relevant supplement information to my own musings.
Completely user friendly, offers India-centric news story in a quick, easy to read format. I try to visit the site on a daily basis (pun intended) in order to digest the latest happenings in India without getting bogged down with excessive content. The site may lack flashy structure, but its simplicity is what I find appealing.

The India Daily
Not to be confused with the aforementioned site, The India Daily is an excellent news source with much more visually appealing organization. The India Daily is also much more comprehensive, offering a range of news topics and stories. I credit this site with helping me get a grasp on the Indian political system and I enjoy perusing its archives for insight into recent happenings in the country.

The India Post
Though The India Post masks itself as a general news blog, its articles often center around the issues facing the nation, including human trafficking and child abuse. Because of its humanitarian heart, I have found The India Post to be a great asset in my quest to learn about the trials of India, as well as an excellent resource for news that is often left out of the more established Indian news sites.

Think Change India
A country with much social disrupt, India is home to generations of contempt and unrest. Fortunately, there are strong-minded individuals in the country who have banded together to work on the social challenges present in India. Think Change India tracks progress in social change and innovation in the country and compiles all relevant information in a blog format. Updated regularly, this blog provides hope for the ever-changing social dynamics in India.

Trafficking in India

A blog close to my own heart, Trafficking in India focuses not only on its namesake, but also on other issues related to the abuse of women in the country, including female infanticide. I enjoy the blog’s colloquialisms, which have inspired me to learn more about different regions and cultures present in the nation. Updated regularly with instances of trafficking, rescue reports, and ways to become an abolitionist against this modern day slavery cast by sex, I have found this blog to be the most frequented authority in my arsenal of resources.