I learned how to spell determined from my Nana, the same grandmother who always encouraged my fairy tale aspirations. As a girl in school she was asked to pronounce the word on the blackboard and phonetically uttered a nervous “dee-ter-mined.” Her resultant embarrassment engrained the word and its spelling in my memory.

I learned determination from my Nana as well. All of the years that I knew her she never quit a project that she started and never gave up on happiness after being diagnosed with a life altering illness. It is with this attitude that I have tried to live my life and it is this attitude that I hope will characterize me in all of my endeavors.

After three years at Flagler College, awaiting my final semester’s end in April, determination is something I have come to know well. Looking back on my academic career, I can see the marks of my determination, evidenced in my GPA and internship experiences. However, these achievements are not the pinnacle results of my perseverance.

While I certainly feel that grades and experiences I’ve earned at Flagler speak of my drive and determination, I feel as if the passions I have cultivated during my academic years are the greatest achievements of my time spent in school. I have developed a love for learning, for writing, for observing.

As I stand clenching my diploma in April, I know I will be prepared to enter the workforce or graduate school and am determined to succeed in whatever path I choose.

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