Growing up, I had a fascination with India – the landscapes, the wildlife, the culture. In my ignorance, I believed the bright lights and big dreams flaunted in Bollywood tales to be an accurate portrayal of the nation. I dreamed of the day when I would twirl barefoot in the streets surrounded by lavish palaces and dancing elephants.

This childish view of India is one untainted by knowledge of slavery determined by sex. As a woman living in the land of the free, I have been blessed with idealism stemming from immeasurable opportunity. However, there are women all around the globe who live everyday enslaved, battered, and condemned – including women in India.

This blog aims to shed light on the struggles of Indian women, as I shed my former Bollywood infused views of the country. Though the culture demands that a woman must walk three steps behind her husband, I hope my research, writings, and insight will bring their daily difficulties to the forefront.


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